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Aggregate data across business units

Capture & aggregate data from all your facilities, offices, and business units - to build a granular view of your organization’s sustainability metrics.


Realtime Collaboration & Tracking

ESG data lives in silos across your organization - with ownership spread across HR, Operations, Finance and Legal teams. Simplify your data capture process with automated follow-ups.


Embedded GHG calculations

Dedicated Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG accounting calculations ensure quick, correct, and transparent reporting.


Assurance-ready reports

Maintain an audit trail of every disclosure with via data integrations and proofs linked with every indicator.


Sustainability training & handholding

We provide custom sustainability trainings on Human Rights, Business Ethics, Anti Corruption and Bribery and many more more for your employees and workers.


Collaboration with Value Chain Partners

Collect and aggregate sustainability data across your value chain partners using custom-built or our industry templates of supply chain sustainability.


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