All your Sustainability Data & Stakeholders connected in one place


Aggregate data across business units

Capture & aggregate data from all your facilities, offices, and business units - to build a granular view of your organization’s sustainability metrics.


Create multiple sustainability reports

Collect data once and you can create multiple ESG reports or disclosures across multiple global frameworks for your regulators, customers, investors and banks.


Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG Emissions Reporting

Dedicated Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG accounting calculations ensure quick, correct, and transparent reporting.


Assurance-ready reports

Maintain an audit trail of every single sustainability data point, its proof and how ithas evolved over time.


Peer Benchmarking using AI

Use AI to benchmark your company's sustainability performance against industry peers in real-time.


Collaboration with Value Chain Partners

Collect and aggregate sustainability data across your value chain partners using custom-built or our industry templates of supply chain sustainability.

The Oren Advantage

All your work in one place : Sustainability Reports, Emissions Tracking,
Supplier Tracking, Custom Assessments, Custom Reporting

Best in class
In 2024, we were named the Best Global ESG Consulting and Technology Company
Industry Expertise
Our team brings a unique blend of sustainability knowledge and sector-specific experience.
All in one Solution
You no longer need point solutions for Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG Emissions Accounting, ESG reporting and Supply Chain Engagement & Sustainability
Outsourced sustainability team
Our dedicated team operates as an extension of your organisation, bringing specialised knowledge and skills to effectively manage and enhance your ESG performance.

Customer Stories

"Oren is very professional, and they deliver their services and commitments in a time-bound manner. The products they have developed are absolutely topnotch and it caters to all our requirements"

Atul Khanapurkar
Executive Director

"With Oren's guidance and innovative technological solutions, we successfully navigated the complexities of data management, tackled obstacles related to stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment, and effectively quantified our environmental impacts, resulting in the seamless publication of our inaugural BRSR report."

Ankit Gupta
Assistant Regional Manager

Our experience with Oren has been transformative; their expertise, dedication, and innovative solutions have significantly enhanced our solutioning capabilities. From streamlining operations to driving our customer’s sustainability transformation, Oren consistently exceeds expectations with their proactive approach and tailored strategies

Vivek Shah

"Oren immensely helped us with our Scope 1 and Scope 2 reporting. Overall, the team is well updated and very supportive - and they were always just a call away. I definitely recommend Oren to anyone who is looking for assistance in their ESG journey"

Vidhi Thukral
Senior Manager

"We engaged with Oren in our ESG journey, and I found them really supportive, friendly, and even the work which was out of scope - they were really prompt with helping out with. I strongly recommend Oren. The team is helpful, they're knowledgeable and up-to-date with BRSR. These are technical areas and we need friendly advice, and we found Oren to be really helpful."

Anurag Chauhan
General Council

"Oren's technology and expert advisory helped us overcome data management hurdles and navigate stakeholder engagement, materiality assessment and quantifying environmental impact to publish our first BRSR report."

Shalaka Ovalekar
Company Secretary and VP Legal

What took you quarters now
only takes a couple of days

Reduction in time spent
preparing data
Cost Saving across
your Sustainability Team
Faster ESG Reporting

Oren Sustainability Hub

An ecosystem where your sustainability team, suppliers and auditors can easily share data, track updates, and stay on the same page.

We believe that sustainability teams should focus on creating and implementing strategies, not generating reports.

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