GMS's Sailing Towards Responsible Ship Recycling

Company Overview & Operations:Founded in 1992, GMS (Global Marketing Systems) operates in the ship recycling sector with its headquarters in Dubai. As a major player, GMS functions as a cash buyer, purchasing decommissioned ships for responsible dismantling, connecting ship sellers to shipbreaking yards.Sustainability Challenges:GMS faced hurdles in accurately calculating Scope 1 emissions, compiling organized training data for shipyard labourers, and developing key policies aligned with international standards, such as Human Rights Policy and Environment Policy.Solutions & Approach:Collaborating with Oren, GMS produced its inaugural Sustainability Report in line with GRI standards, highlighting its initiatives towards a sustainable ship recycling industry. A Materiality Assessment was conducted to identify major sustainability focal points.Outcomes & Vision:In 2022, GMS released its first sustainability report, positioning itself as a leader in responsible ship recycling practices. Looking ahead, GMS intends to enhance team knowledge through ESG training, set informed sustainable targets, and ensure aligned organizational goals.Holistic Approach to Emissions:GMS is intensifying efforts to calculate Scope 3 emissions, providing a comprehensive insight into indirect environmental impacts across its value chain. This effort underscores GMS's commitment to understanding and reducing its broader environmental footprint in the industry.

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